1. Review Minimum Computer Requirements

You will need the following minimum requirements to complete the orientation and take the quiz:

Please ensure your computer meets the minimum requirements before beginning your orientation. This orientation is developed for desktop and laptop computers, and will not work on most tablets or smartphones.

2. Enter Your Information

First you will be asked to enter some work-related information like your full name, job title, company, etc. This information will be inserted into your downloadable certificate at the end of the orientation.

** Note: If you make a mistake with your info, you can always refresh the browser and start again.

3. Agree to the Orientation Acknowledgement

Read over the list of acknowledgements and agree to them by typing in your full name in the space provided. It is case-sensitive so type your name exactly.

4. View the Orientation

View the entire orientation. Use the controls to advance the slides manually. Once you have watched the orientation, click "TAKE QUIZ" to go to the next step.

5. Complete the Quiz

There are 8 questions you have to answer correctly. If you answer a question incorrectly you will be prompted to review the relevant slide(s). A pop-up window will appear with the relevant slide shown. You can navigate through all the slides in this window if you wish. The video will not be shown again though.

6. Print and Email your Certificate

Once you have successfully completed the quiz, click on "Get Certificate" to obtain your downloadable PDF Certificate. Please remember to bring certificate with you to the security shack when you arrive at site, you may also send to

** Note: If you are using Safari or Chrome you will actually be able to view, print, and/or save the Certificate from within the pop-up box. If you are using Firefox or Internet Explorer, a download prompt will appear.